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     My name is Teal Tegtmeier.  I am a pre-service teacher majoring in language, literacy, and cultural studies with a minor in teaching English to speakers of other languages at  Woodring College of Education at WWU.  I will graduate Spring 2014 with a Bachelor’s of the Arts of  Education, a Washington State K-8 teaching certificate, and endorsements in reading and ELL.  

     I started exploring the world of using technology in the classroom in my Instructional Technologies course January 2012 and began a Blogger blog.  In January 2013, I attended a North Sound Reading Council meeting on technology and literacy and my desire to explore classroom technologies and maintain a blog myself and others could refer to was rekindled.  Thus, Ms. Tegtmeier’s Tech was born. For more info, check out my post about my new home here at tegt.com.

     Outside of the classroom and off the screen, I am completely in love with Bellingham, WA, where I currently call home.  I am also a Pacific Northwest girl to the core.  I commute by bicycle almost everywhere I go and camp and hike as often as I can. I always have at least three crochet/knitting/embroidery projects going at any given moment as well as at least three books I’m in the middle of.  I just can’t say no to a good book!

     Join me on my journey as a lifelong learner-teacher and teacher-learner. 


Ms. Tegtmeier

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