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It has been a crazy week getting back in gear after the four-day weekend (it was a holiday on Monday, but the local schools were cancelled on Friday so I had no practicum to go to!).  I didn’t even think I had time to make a post this week, but I found such an invaluable resource I had to share.  

I was looking for a template for Concept Cartoons (whose website has been under construction for forever) for my upcoming lesson on distances in the sky and I stumbled upon this page which not only gave me a template, but redirected me to the US version of their website, Share My Lesson.  Share My Lesson appears to have some affiliation with the American Federation of Teachers, but other than a logo on the banner of the website, I am not sure how they are connected.



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Share My Lesson is free to join and gives you access to over 250,000 activities, lesson plans, print outs, and other resources.  The resources are organized by grade level, subject area, Common Core standard, and relevant topics/categories, making them easy to browse quickly and efficiently.  Then, you can download the resources to print off and use in your classroom, or to modify to best fit the needs of your students.  

There is also a community section where SML members share tools of the trade and discuss the implications of the new Common Core State Standards on their teaching.  The forums appear to be rather sparsely used, but are a good place to go for feedback from the site’s moderators.

I know my lessons need to be tailored to the demands of my school, district, and state and need to meet the needs of my students, but having a jumping off place for lesson ideas never hurt!  I think it’s wonderful that the internet is becoming a collaboration tool among teachers all over the world (TES is an international organization, SML is its USA site).

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